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What’s Rapid Arch?

RapidArc radiotherapy technology is a new form or development of tekni IMRT (intensity-modulated radiation therapy). 3-D picture of the contours of the tumor determine the target facilitate radiation and the radiation dose given arrives. This means the radiation dose to the target tumor and reducing the dose to surrounding healthy tissue. The entire volume of the tumor receives the radiation dose during one full rotation plane linac. Rapid Arc involve various intensities of radiation (in this case, high-energy X-rays) are used as a therapy for cancer.

To give Astrocytoma cancer treatment, doctors use computer-generated images to plan and then give a focused beam of radiation to the cancer Astrocytoma. At this pidArc TeknikRa doctor can provide proper radiation doses that conform to the shape of the tumor, while limiting the amount of radiation that reaches the surrounding healthy tissue. A significant benefit given the RapidArc technique is the speed of treatment. A RapidArc treatment was delivered with a 360-degree rotation of the plane linac, which takes 4-5 minutes.

METHOD RapidArc treatment involves three basic steps, namely: diagnosis, treatment planning and radiation dose data transmission. The steps to create planning Rapid Arc radiotherapy technique in patients with astrocytoma is as follows: Preparation before the simulated patient is positioned in such a way on the examination table Ct-simulator and made masks made of TERMOPLAST for fixation and immobilization of the patient. Figure 3. Making the mask head Then the simulation process is carried out in 3-D patients with Ct-Scan to set an upper limit on the apex and lower bounds on supraclavicula and given a 3-point reference markers of lead as a guide when the new pitch shift. CT-Scan data is sent to TPS (Treathment Planning System) via Dicom.

TPS is done in the process of tumor targets contour (PTV) and organs should be protected by the radiation oncologist. Organs at risk should be protected include: the brain stem, eyes R / L, the optic nerve R / L, eyepiece R / L, the inner ear R / L, Optic chiasma, and brain. Then do the planning Rapid Arc at the polling station by determining the total dose and dose perfraksi, gantry, collimator, irradiation field, optimization, calculation and DVH analysis. The total dose given in the case of 5940 cGy astrocytoma granted for 33 fractions and a dose of 180 cGy per fraction. Once the planning is completed QA (Quality Assurance) or verification of radiation dose planning Rapid Arc with Matrix.

This is done so that the planned radiation dose at the same polling station with the dose given to the patient during treatment. After verification of the dose is appropriate, and new patients can be in treatment in the linac. Before irradiation, carried out in accordance with the pitch shift TPS results by making 3-point reference markers as a guide. After the verification of the irradiation field image with OBI (On Board Imager) and CBCT (Cone Beam CT), as a guide is a picture of a CT scan at the time of the simulation. This process is called IGRT (Image Guide Radiotherapy). Figure 4. Figure 5. Overview Overview OBI CBCT After Ct-Scan picture and picture are the same or appropriate planning, new irradiation in patients. IGRT with OBI verification process conducted every day whereas the CBCT performed 1 time per week.

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For Your Good Health Exercise To Aid Weight Loss And Gain Confidence

Some things you can do for good health, eat a well-balanced diet,exercise to aid weight loss and just plain feel great are easier than it may seem. Getting out of the office and going on a walk around the block doesn’t take lots of your time and effort. You may obtain some good health benefits and a rise in your confidence as you lose weight and reduce your size.

So what else could you do to aid weight loss?
Exercise to aid weight loss and eat a well-balanced diet are the beginnings to living a lengthy and healthy life. Not just will you look and feel better, nevertheless the benefit to your confidence is one that will carry you through even the most problematic times of your life. Seeing the numbers at the scale move down and your clothes starting to fit better and looser, you will start to enjoy your new daily activities and love how it’s doing for your health.

Just about the most critical decisions that you’ll ever make is the choice to boost your health. Exercise, reduce size and working on the health benefits of your new lifestyle will give you the longer and happier life that you always wanted. You will quickly see a noticable difference in your energy almost immediately from your decision to add exercise and a well-balanced diet in your life.

A lot of the diseases that plague a number of people for example coronary disease, diabetes, being overweight and many others can be successfully managed with a few lifestyle changes that may have you feeling better in an amazingly short time period. Just begin small with a simple walk and watch how fast one’s body responds positively to that little bit of exercise.

When it’s time for you to boost your health, exercise to aid weight loss and eliminate chronic illnesses, you should think about the kind of exercise that you most enjoy doing. This is the way that lots of people have discovered to keep exercise a frequent practice in their lifestyle. As an example, if you love dancing, use it to your advantage and dance for exercise.

Making these changes in your life is a sure way that will help you feel and look younger for a considerably longer period of time than any cosmetic surgery can offer. Exercise can improve your health, skin, tone of muscle and appearance. Take a moment to explore all the benefits of including exercise in your life daily for more benefits than you ever considered possible.

For your health, exercise to aid weight loss,gain your confidence and have a well balanced lifestyle. You will end up surprised about what a few lifestyle changes are capable of doing for your life. When your clothes begin to feel better and you gain your confidence all over again, the improvement to your life will be limitless. Confidence is key in lots of areas of your life and just living a healthy life with diet and exercise has got the power to provide all of that to you. Find an exercise that you enjoy and stay involved every single day.

How Critical Are MRI Chillers to MRI Scanners and Medical Treatment

Bio-medical equipment used in super-specialty hospitals are expensive machines which have to be installed and operated with great care. linear accelerators, CT scan machines and blood analysers require low temperatures to function well. Chillers play a vital role in achieving this.

MRI chillers are critical in cooling which is a large scanning equipment consisting of a huge outer ring enclosing a super conducting magnet. The scanner is powered by software which can distinguish between cells based on their densities in a patient’s body enabling doctors to ascertain the extent of cell damage, presence of blood clots etc.

The major component in a MRI scanner is the powerful magnet which has to be maintained at a very low optimum temperature range of -200oC to -600oC. Such low temperatures are achieved which uses water for cooling.

Vital Components

liquid Helium cooling systems

water-cooled gradient compressors

emergency systems

water supply

cooling towers

After a chiller has absorbed the excess heat from, the hot water in the chiller unit must be removed. If the water is dispersed into the air the chiller is called an air-cooled chiller where no extra equipment is needed. If the heated water is sent to another water source like a cooling tower it is a water-cooled chiller.

The working of MRI scanning equipment relies on the efficacy as the temperature has to be maintained within range or else the MRI scanner may overheat and malfunction. This will affect patients, doctors and hospital administrators.

To keep working so that it can deliver uninterrupted cooling, emergency systems are designed into the system by manufacturers.

Back-Up Systems Include

alternate water supply

automatic city switch over

air compressors

refrigerated air driers


Designed for both in-doors as well out-door installations so that exhaust air can be expelled on top or front. Also MRI chillers are designed to be compatible with MRI scanners made by major bio-medical equipment manufacturers.

It is imperative that MRI chillers are immune to equipment failure, and zero downtime as they lend support to MRI machines which help in complicated medical treatment.

MRI scanner’s high resolution imaging acquisition and processing capabilities help in the production of a digital map at the molecular level of organs in the body. The images captured by the MRI scanner can be rotated and sliced in different angles to extremely minute thickness to study the spread of diseases or abnormalities that may be present in the body down to the cellular level.

Interventional Radiology, a New Kind of Radiological Treatment

Interventional Radiology is a modern technique which has been introduced in modern times. This technique is used in some diseases like cancer, brain tumor, he4art diseases etc. all these diseases are chronic disease and they are all internal diseases. Any patient who has this kind of disease uses the procedure to find the affected area where this disease has occurred. This process is not only done for the diagnostic purposes but also for the curing of these diseases. There are some processes which are mostly used for diagnosing treatment.

Interventional Radiology is a kind of process that uses the process of catheters. This catheter uses a narrow tube or needle that is used in making the image more clear and distinct. This image works as a guide map to the doctors. This method is applied on the affected area where the doctor mostly suspects that the disease has been occurred. This image is also helped the radiologists about how they will operate these instruments on the body. It is also a guide to them.
This process has been invented by a renowned scientist who invented it for the sake of the welfare of the people. There has a common belief that the patients should not die because of wrong treatment. The disease of the patient should be identified correctly and they got proper treatment of it.. This technique is used in some diseases like cancer, brain tumor, he4art diseases etc. all these diseases are chronic disease and they are all internal diseases.

Basically interventional radiology is used direct procedure of intervention. This intervention procedure helps the doctors in different aspects. This process also used a beam technology that helps in appearing the image on the x ray sheet. This x ray sheet shows the image of the affected area of the body. This is a very useful technique in today’s modern technological treatment process. This proves helpful to the doctors as well as to the patients.

Trend of Radiology Treatments

Radiology is a branch of medicine which is used for diagnosis and treatment of patient. Radiology uses sound waves,radioactive substances,electromagnetic radiation to create images of body,its organs, and structures.

These images helps to determine whether the internal organs and structures are proper functioning or not. Radiology has evolved in high-tech science to aid every aspect of the body. While in concern the harmful effects which are caused by these radiations, the risks of these radiations are outweighed by the information about the patients present condition.

There are two services which radiology offers specified below as:

2.Therapeutic services

Also, the speciality areas of radiology include two more distinct approaches.
.Nuclear m©dicine
.Interventional radiology
Diagnostic radiology is used to produce images of the body, its organs and other structures for medical diagnostic purposes. Diagnostic radiation uses external radiation.
In this technique, nuclear medicine also used to produce images of the body, its organs functions and structures. Nuclear medicine uses very small amount of radioactive materials to create an images and also for the diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Threapeutic radiology is also known as radiant oncology. This radiology uses radiant of energy. This radiology helps us to study, treat, and manage cancer and other diseases.
Interventional radiology is used to identify and treat a medical disorder without requiring conventional surgery.Also this radiology uses various imaging techniques.

Interventional radiology techniques are quickly becoming standard therepies for cancer treatment. There are many kind of tools,which has become integral to tumor diagnosis,pain control and palliation for radiologist team in illinois. For live cancer treatment, a very small tube is placed into the artery supplying the liver. Also,in interventional radiologists are leaders in these speciality and also having wide range of experience in vascular and interventional radiology procedures. This also include treatment for various kind of diseases, liver failure or abnormalities.

In this cure technique, parallel radiology technique used to identify and to make patient at normal condition from disease state.In this technique, patient provide the positioned properly and then they start image taking process.In this process films are taken from inner mouth part to check problem related to teeths.
Similarly, MRI is the technique which also done with radiology.In MRI process,the patient must be empty abdomen. Then after that patient allows to lay down inside the machine which take the multiple films or we can say that mutiple images of different parts of our nerves inside the brain.After that the doctors checks the proper functioning of patient mind.

Radiology Services for Radiotherapy Treatment Procedure

Radiology services could be categorized into expert support, technical support and amenities for patient care. As X-ray radiology is a modern procedure, it should have the support of all medical equipment and related physicians including physicians in radiology, technical staff, supportive staff, modern equipment, diagnostic help and dedicated hospital staff.

Radiological tests is conducted under diagnostic X-ray rules including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), projection radiography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy. Although there are more treatments available, these are just some of the scans that are mostly basic. These are mostly required for invasive therapy. Computing algorithms helps in doing any kind of CT scan, where the doctors do X-rays along with the computing algorithms. This helps in viewing the image of the body. The doctors can then easily know where the problem lies within the patient. This medical imaging method is usually conducted by computer processing. The digital geometry procession will create a three-dimensional image of the inside of the body that will help in realizing the potential problem of the patient. The use of the MRI scanner is to generate a scan of the inner part of the body without using the X-rays. It shows the internal structure and the limited functions of the body.

A very powerful MRI technology is used with a powerful magnetic field that has radio frequencies attached to it. This helps in seeing the detailed view of the bones, tissues, organs, and the entire internal body structure. There is no need of using ionizing radiation for this scan procedure. Even the smallest and the softest of the tissues are visible through this scanner. The MRI scanner is used to scan images of the brain, spine, breast cancer and the musculoskeletal system. Certain parts of the body may not be accessed through MRI scan procedure. Other ways include ultrasound and ultrasonography. With the help of various high frequency sound waves, it can get the picture of various organs of the system. This scan technology is used look into things like veins, arteries, abdomen, and other female reproductive system.

Other radiological services include cardiovascular imaging, pediatric radiology, diagnostic X-ray, Central Dexa and much more. Fatal diseases like cancer are diagnosed with radiology treatments such as these. EMR or electronic media recording systems are better methods of documenting radiological services that are paper-based and conventional. Radio reporting through computer based technologies includes various advantages such as better turnaround time for reports, collection and storage of tons of clinical data, results are easily communicated, digital images, organized Southern radiology reports, tracks things like patient information, patient records and reports or even images, helps in reducing paper waste, data security and diagnostic accuracy.

Online tools includes powerful search, role based security and accessibility. Through powerful search, one can find the patient’s name, date, time slot and more. Role based security by providing access security within various systems. Accessibility cause also contributes where images of the radiology is accessed easily with the internet explorer browser.