Do not forget your medications with this CeyHello app


Many patients with chronic diseases often forget to swallow their pills. A reminder, for example, a text message or audible signal of a pillbox, they can help. Certainly in the short term. the long-term effects are still unclear. Pill reminder like CeyHello have many advantages. They are not expensive and does not require any additional efforts from health care providers, making them easy to implement in daily practice.  Almost everyone has a cell phone. This seems a simple intervention for both patients and caregivers. Often you get prescribed antibotica if you suffer from a particular virus . For proper operation, you need to take medication at a certain time .

Obviously, we have found that for a handy app , namely CeyHello. This app warns you when to take your pill . In addition, the drugs app keeps track of how many pills you have left in stock . Every day you get a reminder when you have to take your pill . This pill reminder app focuses on motivating patients with chronic conditions to take their medications, regularly, at the right time.

You remind yourself that taking a pill with a pill in the receptacle with a time to stop it. Afterwards you can indicate in the application or you have taken the medicine and how you felt after pill or drink. It’s all to read back the new history feature of the app that shows what you’ve got inside over a longer period. With CeyHello Medprofile, your online health record is always in your favorite handheld device and medication reconciliation becomes easier because you have the most up-to-date records of all your medications at all times.

By using CeyHello you can specify which each person taking medication . You can see the details, the just discussed history, but also the schedule of medications that you need to take yet. At its details so you can now specify how often the message should be repeated. Also you can specify the details of a medication that sometimes you just need a half amount , for example.


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