Jesus Heal Sick People

Have been travelled throughout the land, Jesus heals the sick. The news of these miracles is told in the villages and the cities. Then many people brought to him the lame and the blind and deaf, and many others who suffer from the disease. And Jesus healed them all.

Over three years have passed since Yohanez baptized Jesus. And Jesus tells his apostles that he will go up to Jerusalem soon, where he will be killed, and then rise from the dead. Meanwhile, Jesus continued to heal the sick.

One day Jesus Christ was teaching on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of rest for the Jews. He saw a woman who has been seriously ill for long time. For 18 years she stooped and she was unable to stand up straight. Then Jesus put his hands on her, and she began to stand upright. Sfe was healed!

This led to religious leaders so angry. ‘There are six days in which we should work,’ one of them shouted to the people. ‘That’s where the time to heal and not on the Sabbath!’

But Jesus answers: ‘You are bad people. Each of you would let go his donkey and took him out for a drink on the Sabbath. So why this poor woman, who had been sick for 18 years, be healed on the Sabbath? ‘Jesus’s answer makes these bad guys feel embarrassed.

Then Jesus and his apostles went up to Jerusalem. While they still outside the town of Jericho, two blind beggars hear that Jesus was passing by. They cried out: ‘Jesus, help us!’

Jesus calls the blind men to come and asked them: ‘What do you want from me?’ They said: ‘Lord, open our eyes. “Jesus touched their eyes, and at the same time, they can see! Do you know why Jesus did all this amazing miracle? Because he loves people and wants them believe in him. So we can be sure that when he reigned as King later, nobody on the earth will be sick again.


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