Only One Thing Helped in the End

After nothing else helped, I decided to try a San Jose chiropractor after many months of trying a variety of things for my lower back pain. I am very glad that I did. It had been a long road, and I felt that I deserved to finally feel good again. I had been brought up believing that going to see a physician is pretty much your only hope for these kind of things, but I now know very differently.

I was a pretty thin kid growing up. I could eat what I want and I did not gain a lot of weight. I remember my parents trying to teach me to eat more healthy foods. I also remember hearing them say that it is so much harder to lose weight as you grow older, and I would be sorry one day if I did not try to learn how to step away from all the junk food that I was eating. It got to the point that I would wake up and eat ice cream for breakfast, a plate of cookies for lunch and brownies for dinner.

Over time, the weight creeped on in a big way. I ended up being 200 pounds overweight at some point, and my doctor said that I needed to lose weight or suffer big health consequences. It took a lot of time to get the weight off. The weight is what damaged my back. Most of my weight loss came thanks to eating better. I could not really work out because of the back pain.

I knew that just eating better is not good enough and that you really must keep your body fit by working out. I actually like to work out, but I simply could not. I wanted to change that, so I went to a chiropractor seeking answers and help. I was pleased with the outcome.

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