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What’s Rapid Arch?

RapidArc radiotherapy technology is a new form or development of tekni IMRT (intensity-modulated radiation therapy). 3-D picture of the contours of the tumor determine the target facilitate radiation and the radiation dose given arrives. This means the radiation dose to the target tumor and reducing the dose to surrounding healthy tissue. The entire volume of the tumor receives the radiation dose during one full rotation plane linac. Rapid Arc involve various intensities of radiation (in this case, high-energy X-rays) are used as a therapy for cancer.

To give Astrocytoma cancer treatment, doctors use computer-generated images to plan and then give a focused beam of radiation to the cancer Astrocytoma. At this pidArc TeknikRa doctor can provide proper radiation doses that conform to the shape of the tumor, while limiting the amount of radiation that reaches the surrounding healthy tissue. A significant benefit given the RapidArc technique is the speed of treatment. A RapidArc treatment was delivered with a 360-degree rotation of the plane linac, which takes 4-5 minutes.

METHOD RapidArc treatment involves three basic steps, namely: diagnosis, treatment planning and radiation dose data transmission. The steps to create planning Rapid Arc radiotherapy technique in patients with astrocytoma is as follows: Preparation before the simulated patient is positioned in such a way on the examination table Ct-simulator and made masks made of TERMOPLAST for fixation and immobilization of the patient. Figure 3. Making the mask head Then the simulation process is carried out in 3-D patients with Ct-Scan to set an upper limit on the apex and lower bounds on supraclavicula and given a 3-point reference markers of lead as a guide when the new pitch shift. CT-Scan data is sent to TPS (Treathment Planning System) via Dicom.

TPS is done in the process of tumor targets contour (PTV) and organs should be protected by the radiation oncologist. Organs at risk should be protected include: the brain stem, eyes R / L, the optic nerve R / L, eyepiece R / L, the inner ear R / L, Optic chiasma, and brain. Then do the planning Rapid Arc at the polling station by determining the total dose and dose perfraksi, gantry, collimator, irradiation field, optimization, calculation and DVH analysis. The total dose given in the case of 5940 cGy astrocytoma granted for 33 fractions and a dose of 180 cGy per fraction. Once the planning is completed QA (Quality Assurance) or verification of radiation dose planning Rapid Arc with Matrix.

This is done so that the planned radiation dose at the same polling station with the dose given to the patient during treatment. After verification of the dose is appropriate, and new patients can be in treatment in the linac. Before irradiation, carried out in accordance with the pitch shift TPS results by making 3-point reference markers as a guide. After the verification of the irradiation field image with OBI (On Board Imager) and CBCT (Cone Beam CT), as a guide is a picture of a CT scan at the time of the simulation. This process is called IGRT (Image Guide Radiotherapy). Figure 4. Figure 5. Overview Overview OBI CBCT After Ct-Scan picture and picture are the same or appropriate planning, new irradiation in patients. IGRT with OBI verification process conducted every day whereas the CBCT performed 1 time per week.

Perfect Selection of Best-Quality Beauty Skin Care Products

Nowadays, the popularity of the beauty skin care products is going on increasing due to their highest sale in the market. This highest sale has been resulted from the high demand of the skin conscious fellows all across the globe. Recently different beauty brands have launched various organic or natural ingredient based beauty products as these products are safer than the traditional toxic chemical oriented cosmetics. You can definitely feel a soothing impact as a result of applying these natural products and your skin glow can be preserved for a long period of time. For more interesting facts about the same, you can surely log into the link of
How to Determine the Best Beauty Products for Skin?
Before going for the purchase of beauty skin care products, you must always keep this thing in mind that you are choosing the best products for protecting your skin tone and texture. In that case, you must always check out the product ingredients first to verify that whether the product contains any toxic element or not. It is best to make online purchase as in that case you can get the opportunity of checking out the component properties with the help of online browsing while in case of physical shopping it is a bit difficult. You must also check out the authenticity of the product by means of verifying the quality certification of that product as that will be much convincing in this case. There is also another suitable way of verifying the truth of the product quality and ingredients and you can conduct the same by means of going through the product reviews online and also by checking out the customer testimonials online.
Why Online Purchase of Beauty Products for Skin is Much Convenient?
You are highly suggested to choose the option of buying beauty skin care products online rather than purchasing the same by physical moving into beauty stores of your locality. This is because online purchased so much more convenient and reliable. On the other hand, you will be able to get a wide variety of collections out there which will ultimately make your selection easier and flexible. You just need top choose your desirable products and then accordingly you can place your order online with the use of online mode of payment. If you need any kind of assistance regarding selection or online purchase then you can take the help of online customer-care.

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy for a Healthy Pregnancy and Safe Delivery

Exercise is known to be all good and that it is safe. However, when it comes to pregnant women, we must consider that exercises should be taken meticulously because some of it might inflict harm to those pregnant women who would perform certain exercises. Some of these exercises would be harmful due to over exertion that will surely that will surely affect not just pregnant women but most of all their babies. That is why pregnant women must always make sure that they know the exercises to avoid during pregnancy. By being acquainted with the said exercises to be avoided, surely they will have a safe and fulfilling pregnancy state.

Here are some of the exercises that pregnant women should avoid to ensure their well-being and more importantly their babies.
The very first thing that pregnant women must consider is the safety of their child. So when they think of exercising, they must do away of those that are prone for falling. There are a lot of exercises which include snow boarding, gymnastics, horseback riding and the like that are known for the high risk or tendency of falling. It must be strictly avoided.

Another thing that should always be considered by regnant women is the exercises that would entail them in using the back for sitting as well as it-ups. Such exercises are known to cause the decrease of the blood’s flow in the uterus which would later on result to one’s heart rate downfall.

More so, not just only exercises are restricted for women who are pregnant but also the laces that they go. Women who are pregnant are advised not to go to places where it has a high altitude. If by chance that you have been there, you will surely experience a decrease in the intake of oxygen that your baby needs.

In short, pregnant women must always make sure to avoid exercises to avoid during pregnancy that are known to be risky that would in the end inflict you damage and as well as damage to your baby’s safety. After all, it is you who will be the one who can best take good care of yourself.

For Your Good Health Exercise To Aid Weight Loss And Gain Confidence

Some things you can do for good health, eat a well-balanced diet,exercise to aid weight loss and just plain feel great are easier than it may seem. Getting out of the office and going on a walk around the block doesn’t take lots of your time and effort. You may obtain some good health benefits and a rise in your confidence as you lose weight and reduce your size.

So what else could you do to aid weight loss?
Exercise to aid weight loss and eat a well-balanced diet are the beginnings to living a lengthy and healthy life. Not just will you look and feel better, nevertheless the benefit to your confidence is one that will carry you through even the most problematic times of your life. Seeing the numbers at the scale move down and your clothes starting to fit better and looser, you will start to enjoy your new daily activities and love how it’s doing for your health.

Just about the most critical decisions that you’ll ever make is the choice to boost your health. Exercise, reduce size and working on the health benefits of your new lifestyle will give you the longer and happier life that you always wanted. You will quickly see a noticable difference in your energy almost immediately from your decision to add exercise and a well-balanced diet in your life.

A lot of the diseases that plague a number of people for example coronary disease, diabetes, being overweight and many others can be successfully managed with a few lifestyle changes that may have you feeling better in an amazingly short time period. Just begin small with a simple walk and watch how fast one’s body responds positively to that little bit of exercise.

When it’s time for you to boost your health, exercise to aid weight loss and eliminate chronic illnesses, you should think about the kind of exercise that you most enjoy doing. This is the way that lots of people have discovered to keep exercise a frequent practice in their lifestyle. As an example, if you love dancing, use it to your advantage and dance for exercise.

Making these changes in your life is a sure way that will help you feel and look younger for a considerably longer period of time than any cosmetic surgery can offer. Exercise can improve your health, skin, tone of muscle and appearance. Take a moment to explore all the benefits of including exercise in your life daily for more benefits than you ever considered possible.

For your health, exercise to aid weight loss,gain your confidence and have a well balanced lifestyle. You will end up surprised about what a few lifestyle changes are capable of doing for your life. When your clothes begin to feel better and you gain your confidence all over again, the improvement to your life will be limitless. Confidence is key in lots of areas of your life and just living a healthy life with diet and exercise has got the power to provide all of that to you. Find an exercise that you enjoy and stay involved every single day.

Diseases That Can Be Detected With The Expertise Of Ultrasound Technicians

Most people associate ultrasound technology with pregnant women. In checking the human body, people can employ the use of various medical devices. Being an operator of imaging machine entails numerous tasks.

Physicians make use ultrasound in order to identify occurrence of certain diseases. It is used to detect gallbladder stones, gallbladder inflammation, kidney stones, and appendicitis, to mention a few. With so many uses of ultrasound imaging, the ultrasound technician has much going onto his or her shoulders, and below are the five things that these medical professionals worry about.

The person overlooking the machine must first go over the equipment to be used before starting the procedure. It is also important that the technician will prioritize the patient that would be undergoing the procedure before going over other concerns. Just before the tests begin, the technician makes sure that the ultrasound machine is calibrated and adjusted correctly, and the transducer has the right diameter.

Knowledge is important so that a person can maneuver properly the device. With the use of certain element seen in the machine, important images are being produced. The technician determines if there is any anomaly in the images, prepares the diagnostic medical report, and enters the billing information.

The role of an operator include understanding the new transitions in terms of medical machines. The ultrasound technician is one of the most computer-savvy individuals in the department. Errors in reading can be prevented by having awareness of the recent tools.

One can feel relaxed and confident throughout the process with the company of the operator. The person working on the equipment can be considered as the only person inside the room. The technician is skilled in taking care of the patients, whether a newborn or an elderly person, and can perform First Aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when needed, as well as maintain good work relations with doctors, suppliers, and hospital personnel.

A number of patients enter the examination room every day and each has a story to tell. The examination area contains the right atmosphere where the exam can be conducted. Having sociable personnel can be an asset.

Cleaning of the area where the test is done must be kept clean at all times. Aside from the machine itself, it is essential to take note of the items and tools seen inside the diagnostic room. He or she also maintains a record for daily appointments, procedures performed, charts, and other documentation needed by the Sonography or Ultrasound Department.

Recommendations can also be given by the personnel in charge The final result of the examination will be upon the jurisdiction of the sonography in charge. With expert eyes, one is able to properly assess the impression created.

Among the different purposes of ultrasound, using it as an examination needed during pregnancy is the most common. People must learn how to manage clients coming from assorted origins. An ultrasound technician has gone through training in radiology and has studied in a specialized ultrasound school, which makes him or her medical expert indeed.