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Knowing 15 Ways To Reduce Risk Of Cancer

Cancer as reported is the second leading cause of illness and death today. While much is said and written about cancer treatments, it’s perhaps best to remember this: the best treatment for cancer is prevention. However, there are a number of preventative measures that have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Below is a wonderful graphic illustration of top 15 lifestyle modification tips on how you can reduce the risk of having cancer by 30%. All the information presented is backed by scientific studies and is authentic. Complying with these will hopefully minimalize the need for cancer treatments, and at least give you a fighting chance.

How I See My Reflection Matters

There is no greater shame for a woman during adolescence than to feel that she’s flat chested. Kids at that age are far more self-aware than they’re willing to admit and the bullies? Of course they know this. “Mosquito bites” was just one of the many vile things that I heard from the other girls in my class. It shouldn’t shock you that I’ve grown up now to see myself from this askewed reality and why I’ve sought out breast enlargement. Reading this Naturaful review opened my eyes; I could have the breasts that I’ve always wanted! I didn’t have to go under the knife for something that, to a degree, is shallow and vain.

There are far too many dangers inherent with plastic surgery. Infection has always been a concern for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Transition From Physical Death to Eternal Life In Heaven

Currently when a forgiven person dies the person goes to heaven and receives his new spiritual body. Paul says that God not only wants everyone to be saved, but to come into a knowledge of the truth. The second part of heaven will be when Jesus and all His saints in heaven come down to rule and reign with Christ for a thousand years. Whenever you see the word truth, in either the words of Jesus, or the words of Paul, it means ‘gospel truth.’ The Bible tells us that when Jesus ascended to proof of heaven He was going to the Father and prepare a place for us and to receive us to Himself. Jesus said we must repent of all other beliefs and believe the gospel. Heaven will be on earth and Jesus will rule and reign on the earth forever. The people who claim the world is coming to an end are mistaken. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader than Jesus. If you turn your back on God, He will turn his back on you!

We think of death as being the end of life: the termination of things. But God sees death as being transformed into his presence. We will be in tune with God’s perfect will and ruling this earth with foresight and perfect judgment. God sees death as the beginning of a new spiritual dynamic. In short, God sees death as being the sunrise, not the sunset. Keep in mind the first part of heaven we want to look at is heaven during the thousand year reign of Christ. God says termination becomes transformation, as we enter a new spiritual paradigm. Learn to think like God thinks. The Lord is faithful and will keep all of his promises. He is loving toward everything he has made.

How To Build a Relationship With God

Do you realize that that God desires to have an intimate relationship with you? It means that the Lord desires that you would know Him in the deepest ways possible. That you would come to know Him personally and to trust, lean with on Him with your whole heart. We can love others as Jesus has loved us, but it goes against every fiber of flesh and self we can muster up. How does Jesus love us? He starts by not accusing us of anything. He even became sin for us so we wouldn’t have to contend with the accusation or judgment for sin. The incredible thing is that the Lord Jesus Christ has created us with the emotional and spiritual capacity to have that kind of relationship with Him. Jesus likes us all through not necessarily imposing needs and expectancies on us. If we don’t receive God’s love unconditionally, we can’t love others as God wants us to. He wants to have a deep, intimate relationship and draws us into it.

If we feel God is demanding, under his law, then we demand things from others. But if we know his love, in grace, then we can love others as Jesus loves us. The Lord Jesus Christ never forces Himself on us. He wants us to freely want Him and all He has to offer us. Knowing God’s love for us is what causes us to love others. As we do this, we show our hearts to God and we reveal to Him that we are leaning on Him to provide everything we need. As we come before the Lord and share our heart with Him, we need to put time aside to listen and hear what the Lord desires to say to us. To allow the Lord to speak directly to our hearts, we need to be fully open with Him. Confession our sin and honest with the Lord is vital for intimacy. What the world needs now is to truly knew God’s love for us.

Learn About Breast Lumps for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

There are different types of changes that take place in breasts throughout the life among these changes some are normal while others are considered as abnormal changes because they are not the part of routine and occur due to any disease or cancer, although most of the times unusual changes are perceived as the symptoms of breast cancer but not necessarily they are due to the cancer every time as there can be any other reason as well.

Unusual Changes

There are different unusual changes that take place in breasts and lumps are the most common unusual change that takes place in majority of women especially after menopause. Breast lumps are called breast fullness, masses, swelling or abnormal growth of a tissue in breast and women are advised to stay in touch with breast so that these lumps can be noticed at initial stage.

It should be remembered by women that lumps can be cancerous or malignant so if a woman feels any tenderness, swelling, lump or mass during self breast examination it is advised to see health care practitioner right away so that the reason of such changes can be diagnosed because they might be due to breast cancer.

A breast lump has usually well defined edges that can be noticed during self examination as far as other signs that are associated with breast growth are asymmetry, pain, nipple discharge, nipple inversion, skin pitting, redness in the skin etc. There are certain types of lumps that take place in breast such as


These lumps are firm, hard and painless and usually benign with a definite shape that can easily move under the skin. In most of the cases these lumps are diagnosed in women under 30 so for this reason it is said that women should be aware of their breasts at every stage of life.

These lumps can be formed during pregnancy and they become small in size after menopause. These lumps can be removes by using a needle biopsy and at times they go away without any treatment, but they put a woman at slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer. If a woman decides not to remove this lump she must be carefully monitor them to ensure they are not growing in size.


Cysts are also benign breast growths and they are movable fluid filled sacs within the breast, usually they have well defined edges and most of the times the shape of cyst is round and oval. It is possible to have more than one cyst and women should check whether the cyst is painful or not if it does not cause any pain or discomfort there is no need to remove that.

Thinks must to know about breast cancer

When you have breast cancer the treatment you receive will vary depending on the type and stage of breast cancer that you have developed. Other factors known to increase the risk of breast cancer are early puberty, late menopause and not having a first child after the age of 30.When this happens it will be called metastatic breast cancer and will affect areas such as the bones, the liver, lungs and the brain. Your doctor will determine this for you and help you to choose the best treatment that is available to you. Experts say that breast cancer is as a result of environmental as well as hereditary factors. Globally, the number of women with breast cancer is more than twice the number of women who have cervical and colorectal cancer.

Some treatments may require you to have the cancer removed with some of the tissue that surrounds the cancer. The treatment will also vary for you depending on your age and how healthy you are at the time. Standard treatments have been known not to cure all patients and may have many side effects that go along with them. Standard treatment is given to most people because in the past it has proven to be effective for many breast cancer patients.

Sometimes depending on your tumor, the size of it and its location your treatment may be having surgery to remove the whole breast. All these treatments will require surgery and may be followed with radiation.  If you have inflammatory breast cancer your treatment may be one of the following chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and you may also have to have radiation therapy as a treatment. Treatment of breast cancer varies from patient to patient but normally it involves surgery then followed by a combination of chemotherapy, hormonal and radiation therapy. Breast cancer is often a problem that is clouded with myths, false information and fear. It doesn’t have to be this way at all.

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