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How Critical Are MRI Chillers to MRI Scanners and Medical Treatment

Bio-medical equipment used in super-specialty hospitals are expensive machines which have to be installed and operated with great care. linear accelerators, CT scan machines and blood analysers require low temperatures to function well. Chillers play a vital role in achieving this.

MRI chillers are critical in cooling which is a large scanning equipment consisting of a huge outer ring enclosing a super conducting magnet. The scanner is powered by software which can distinguish between cells based on their densities in a patient’s body enabling doctors to ascertain the extent of cell damage, presence of blood clots etc.

The major component in a MRI scanner is the powerful magnet which has to be maintained at a very low optimum temperature range of -200oC to -600oC. Such low temperatures are achieved which uses water for cooling.

Vital Components

liquid Helium cooling systems

water-cooled gradient compressors

emergency systems

water supply

cooling towers

After a chiller has absorbed the excess heat from, the hot water in the chiller unit must be removed. If the water is dispersed into the air the chiller is called an air-cooled chiller where no extra equipment is needed. If the heated water is sent to another water source like a cooling tower it is a water-cooled chiller.

The working of MRI scanning equipment relies on the efficacy as the temperature has to be maintained within range or else the MRI scanner may overheat and malfunction. This will affect patients, doctors and hospital administrators.

To keep working so that it can deliver uninterrupted cooling, emergency systems are designed into the system by manufacturers.

Back-Up Systems Include

alternate water supply

automatic city switch over

air compressors

refrigerated air driers


Designed for both in-doors as well out-door installations so that exhaust air can be expelled on top or front. Also MRI chillers are designed to be compatible with MRI scanners made by major bio-medical equipment manufacturers.

It is imperative that MRI chillers are immune to equipment failure, and zero downtime as they lend support to MRI machines which help in complicated medical treatment.

MRI scanner’s high resolution imaging acquisition and processing capabilities help in the production of a digital map at the molecular level of organs in the body. The images captured by the MRI scanner can be rotated and sliced in different angles to extremely minute thickness to study the spread of diseases or abnormalities that may be present in the body down to the cellular level.

The Incredible Healing Power of Hot Yoga

Any Yoga practice is potent when it impulses you to new instincts, when it allows you to go deep within yourself and find your own hidden powers. Hot yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, is one such, which help you unleash your strengths and harness the power of your mind and body; teach you to appreciate even flaws, within yourself and within others. And there comes the incredible healing power!!

Because beyond the mental benefits, yoga — and hot yoga in particular — brings a lot of amazing physical benefits that are especially vital for active people who regularly run, cycle, swim and lift weights.

In Bikram or hot yoga, the room is heated to between 98 and 105 degrees give or take, and as the humidity rises the sweat comes, in large quantities. More than any other body parts, hot yoga makes use of your skin, the largest organ of our body, to flush out the toxins through sweat. By using the skin, you take pressure off the organs that usually detoxify us — the liver, the kidneys, even the lungs.

The heat also warms the muscles, allowing us to stretch and move more deeply into poses. Hot yoga helps to have better flexibility to our body, the yoga poses are designed to get a complete massage to your organs, and it also help you to tone your muscles in well shape.

Studies have proven that the regular practice of any yoga practice can really help you to increase the flexibility of your body up to 40% in ten weeks of practice. By shifting from one pose to another, with a sequence that comprises mat poses and standing poses, hot yoga also offers very strong cardiovascular exercises. All the postures of Bikram yoga are totally dynamic in their own way.

Bikram Yoga also has been proven to balance blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rates. This kind of yoga also helps to boost energy levels and helps us to get a very sound sleep; as the name indicates, the hot yoga leaves you detoxified and feeling physically cleansed.

Bikram Yoga is a good choice for people in Dubai, who spends long hours in Gyms and for other workouts to keep their health. Rawr Yoga Dubai offers Bikram yoga classes in Dubai Marina; the classes are guaranteed with great results and literally help you to detoxify and tone your body.

Getting Your Discount Prescription Drugs Pharmacy

A discount prescription drugs pharmacy offers a viable solution to the rising cost of health care services and prescription medication in the United States. This article discusses several ways that can help consumers get the most out of discount online pharmacies.

Now that the cost of health care services and prescription medication are being less than friendly to the average citizen, a lot of people are seeing the wisdom of using discount pharmacies online. Not only do these discount drugstores on the Internet able to sell generic drugs and prescription medication at a lower price, but they also provide service that is at par with what major-chain pharmacies provide. This, of course, is provided that the discount pharmacy one uses is legal and follows the regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are using a discount prescription drugs pharmacy, there are ways you can benefit from it more. Get the most out of your discount drugstore online by checking out these tips:

Your health insurance provider is undoubtedly connected or affiliated with several pharmacies, both local and online. Before signing up with an online pharmacy, see if it is included in your insurance provider’s list of in-network pharmacies. Signing up with an in-network discount drugstore enables you to enjoy the perks included in your health insurance policy. If your policy still covers the costs of prescription drugs, you can get them with huge discounts or for free at your discount drugstore. On the other hand, if your policy only covers the costs of generic medications, you can get them a lot cheaper at an in-network discount drugstore.

One mistake people make when signing up for online pharmacies is proceeding straight to the order counter before reading what is in the website. Check for the website’s policies regarding the order process and other pertinent promotional information. There might be gold buried in the seemingly endless advertisements and product offers in the website. Some discount pharmacies are managed by volunteer medical organizations while some are affiliated with state-run establishments. Either way, there might be some bits of social service tucked in the site. It could be further discounts on maintenance medicines for people over sixty or free vaccinations programs for younger kids. These discounts and freebies are worth checking out if you really want to save a lot.

If you have HMO or a health card like Medicaid or Medicare, it is worth checking if your discount drugstore honors it. This way, you can get the prescription drugs you need at a cheaper price and use your HMO benefits as well. Some HMOs even produce better results since they allow patients to get their prescription medication at no extra cost

Read health and medical articles and resources available on the website. An online drugstore offers a hassle-free way of getting your prescriptions. But aside from this, an Internet pharmacy can also provide you with articles and resources about the latest health issues and medical developments. The pharmacy puts these articles or resource links on the site to provide you with extra services. Take advantage of these and read up. There might be news about your illness, treatment, or prescription medication.
Snag promotional items and avail of discounts. As a means of showing gratitude to their loyal clientele, most online pharmacies offer free promotional items and discounted products. This is a perfect opportunity to snag discounted packages of your prescriptions in bulk especially if you are going to use it for a long period. Some discounted packages also come with free items like an additional pack of pills or bottle of capsules.

Mental health – Disorders and Illness Information

Mental health – Disorders and Illness Information
The concept of mental health refers to an individual’s emotional and physical well-being and the term mental health is either described as a level of cognitive or emotional wellness free of mental illnesses. In a way, it is ‘the individuals’ ability to socially interact with one another and the environment, which indicates subjective well-being, optimal development and the use of cognitive, affective and relational abilities’. The way a person functions with effectiveness is indicative of that person’s mental health.

Mental health is also a leading cause of a host of diseases. Still, despite all the advancements achieved about human behavior, often mental health is an afterthought and maladies of the mind remain under cover and misunderstanding.

One can’t negate the role of diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds in mental disorder cases. A study reveals that mental health disorders are prevalent more in rural and remote areas than in metropolitan areas. Another equally disturbing truth about mental health is the large proportion of disability cases, high rehabilitation and hospitalization costs that impose a huge suffering and stigmatization is also associated with mental disorders and their families.

There is a broad based agreement amongst experts that mental health and mental illness are two sides of the same coin. This and other incidental developments over time, have quashed the social stigma that homosexuality was a mental illness. On the contrary, mental health a disabling condition experienced by 20% in America. Mental illnesses left untreated may eventually lead to disability and despair for one and all that are concerned.

Now there are quite a few numbers of specializations in psychiatry and mental disorder commonly known as clinical psychology, clinical or mental health counselors, and psychotherapists to name a few. It is hearty to note that psychiatry is making a steady growth toward redeveloping the screening and diagnosis process which is a positive sign.

One’s experiences like the death of a dear one, a serious accident are highly likely to cause mental health upsets. In the same breath, chronic long term suppression or an unhealthy relationship, memories of abuse from childhood also have a high potential to push a person towards mental health issues even in an adult age.

Key indicators of good mental health are a person’s competence to deal with key day to day functions and activities, not excluding the ability to learn, feel, express and manage a range of emotions. If this is given, the person will automatically exhibit the ability to develop and maintain relationships, cope with and manage change and uncertainty. A new light will dawn the moment the person with problems of mental health discovers these serious shortcomings.

Finding The Best Back Pain Exercises

Finding the best exercise to cure your lower back pain can be done as long as you pick the best exercise program that could help you alleviate the pain that you feel. To make sure that you pick the best ones, consulting your doctor should be done so he or she would be able to give you the proper exercise to help you deal with your lower back pain. In case you are suffering from lower back pain and you want to get rid of it by doing some helpful exercises, then here are some things that you should bear in mind when finding the best back pain exercises:

— Exercises that help you strengthen the back and hip muscles: Here are some things that you might want to try out: You might want to try standing against a wall or door and try sliding down with your knees bent and then go back to standing position. You can do this for some reps and you will surely feel that your back is strengthening. You might also try raising your legs by lying on your back and just elevate your legs for 30 minutes. This will surely help you stretch you back as well as your legs.
— If you want to do some exercises to help you lessen the back pain: You might want to try enrolling in some aerobic programs which you could do for about an hour and try having it at least three times a week. You might also want to try Bicycling, swimming and brisk walking since these exercises could definitely help in terms of reducing the pain as long as you do not overdo it.
— You might also want to try swinging your back legs since it could also strengthen the muscles of hip and back. Do this by standing in the back of a chair and raise a leg up and down without bending the knee. Posture training for might be needed such as in terms of sitting, standing, sleeping and even during motion is needed if posture is a factor. You might want to see a doctor so he or she could advice you in terms of having proper posture or if you need to have a back brace for support.

All these are just some of the back pain exercises that you might want to try although consulting your doctor is still the best thing that you should do if you really want to know about the best treatment to cure your lower back pain condition. To make sure that you would pick the best treatment and exercise to help you with your condition, try to look for the best doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor to help you with your condition.

Diagnostic Mammography – Diagnoses Breast Cancer

At primary stages; a diagnostic mammography is required to prevent the initial breast cancer from spreading further. If detected early, breast cancer is curable and the person suffering from it can get into her normal life. Many countries have detected new methodologies in curing this disease and helping the sufferers. The mammography screening program breast self examination apart from clinical examination are used these days in helping women who are fighting this disease. Diagnostic mammography is a diagnostic imaging technique which uses small dose of radiation which is delivered in the breast and it generates breast tissues which can show the signs of cancer. This has been a main technique which was used in the screening programs for breast cancer. In each program, women aged between 50 and 75 go through mammography scan every 2 years.

In spite of its great help in diagnostic cancer, mammography has a drawback also. It provides a range of inaccurate positive and negative results. Many researchers are trying to fix this problem and involved in discovering other measures to determine the extent of breast cancer through other types of screening programs. One of these suggested techniques is MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging). Breast MRI gives better detailed images which help the doctors in the detection of cancer.

Breast MRIs overcome major problems which are associated with mammography and they can differentiate easily between healthy breast tissues and cancerous breast tissues. There are still some obstacles which hinder the usefulness of breast MRI. The main problem is that the cost of MRI is higher than diagnostic mammography. MRI is also not suggested to the patients who are on pace makers because the magnetic force which is generated while doing MRI might interact with pacemakers and can result in serious problems. The continuous studies on breast cancer by the researcher will surely be able to device new techniques in diagnosing breast cancer effectively.

Skin Care Ways-Are you Aware of this?

Skin Care is primarily composed of variety of factors and it mainly depends on the type of skin individual has. For example, you can’t take or practice treatments that are intended to very dry skin if you belong in the normal range or poses a very sensitive skin. That is one of the main considerations in performing a good care to your skin. You should be aware on each purposes of every skin beauty products you planning to purchase and use.

Whatever the one skin’s condition at the moment, skin care requires patience and determination in achieving your most wanted result. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects against a variety of environmental damage, which is why it is so important to take care of it. Having a balanced diet and staying hydrated are two of the best ways to promote overall skin health. According to the experts, foods that are good for the skin are fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, nuts and olive oil. Also, drink eight glasses of water a day will keep toxins from the skin hydrated and cleanse the body. If having a balanced diet and gentle procedures are not sufficient, further treatment may be necessary. Handling depends on the severity and condition. Over-the-counter products are generally the first line of defense in taking good care of skin, because they are cheaper and less invasive than other treatments. Most drug stores have the power of products for skin care. Pharmacist can help you, which products are best for which conditions. Having time to visit in derma clinics is also a plus to make sure that the product you are using is safe enough and suitable to your skin type.

Learn to practice and include it in your daily routine all the skin concern methods that fit you to avoid getting depressed over an unwanted skin appearance and impurities. Not all products are good in your skin, and you should know that by now. It is worth to be much careful that keep on trying a new product without having enough knowledge on how it really works. Before proceeding to different conclusions, you must first absorb the importance of doing regular skin care.

Building Fitness Requires Muscle And Nutrition

If people are at all aware of what is going on around them, then they also have heard that building fitness in their body is an important way to assure good health, even as they move through the aging process.

However, there still is a common misunderstanding that people have about being skinny and equating this to being in good physical condition.

The incorrectness of this thought was recently illustrated on a popular television show which features celebrities learning how to do ballroom dances. One of the contestants was a model, who fit the media “ideal” of how a healthy woman should look.

But, the first thing her dance instructor discovered was that under the svelte exterior there was no muscle tone. The first thing he attempted to do was to help her in building fitness and strength.

In order for the body to start building fitness, the best place to start is to build the strength of the musculoskeletal system by toning and firming the muscles.

Many people do this by utilizing home exercise equipment because of the convenience and time savings they enjoy by having such equipment quickly available to them.

Strength training with the use of weight equipment and free weights can also be very beneficial in building fitness levels. It is muscle that gives the body strength to carry out the necessary tasks in an ordinary day, so increasing muscle strength even slightly can make everyday undertakings easier.

Also, it is muscle that gives shape and definition to the body, meaning that good muscle tone adds to the overall attractiveness of a person.

Building fitness in the physical body can be undertaken by simply increasing the amount of activity you get on a daily basis. This can be something as simple as adding 20 minutes of walking per day, or can also include a strenuous workout on commercial fitness equipment.

The experts say that the best thing to do in building overall fitness is to use a combination of exercises. For example, you might want to engage in a brisk walk one day and then the next day make use of weight equipment or some abdominal exercise equipment.

Experts also say that one of the biggest problems people have with sticking to a fitness routine that will help in building fitness, is encountering boredom. This is one reason why it is good to vary the fitness activities in which you engage.

If you rotate your workouts by doing something different each day, such as walking one day, weight lifting the next day, swimming the following day, using Bowflex home gyms the day after that and continuing to rotate through various activities, you are less likely to become disinterested and quit your exercise endeavors.

Install Child Nutrition App to Ensure That Your Kid Eats Healthy!

It is very important that right from the very beginning, kids are made to learn to eat healthy. If the kids do not start eating right, they may become obese or unhealthy in their later years.

Thus, they must be tought to make healthy choices right from the very beginning. This healthy mindset of the kids will make them enjoy nutritious foods right from the very beginning. When packing the lunch box of your kids, you must take care that you pack snacks that are healthy and nutritive. This way, they will be able to complete their metabolic pool. This way, the children will grow up to become healthy. They will be quite active in their physical activities as well as mental concentration.

These days, parents are increasingly becoming aware about the importance of health eating. Since, in this age of technology advancements, kids are well connected with the gworld of games and gadgets, the parents can download certain child nutritio app that can guide them regarding what the parents must let their kids eat and what should be avoided as much as possible. If this information is offered by an app, the kids will also accept it whole heartedly, as the app speaks in their own language. These days, a wide array of nutrition apps meant for kids are available that run on various platforms.

The connection between kids and screens is not new. Kids are quite aware about the apps available these days. Ash and Ollie story format is available that is perfect for the kids clamouring for the screen space. Kids seems to have an unhindered quench for the screen space as the dependency on the gadgets is increasing at an alarming rate.

There are many opinions about how much screen time should be allowed to the kids. There are many ways to make the kids understand what is good and what is bad for them. There are many tools and strategies that can be used by the parents to ensure their kids walking straight and narrow on the correct path. These days, apps and digital games are available which is a fun way to enjoy but at the same time also educate. Both kids as well as the parents can make the most of this aspect of learning that is an eclectic blend of education and entertainment. Optimal learning is possible by using these apps and games. Using this platform, the kids will learn the best way to understand a concept. With no pressure to stick to a particular thing, the kids would be more open to learn and imbibe.

Thus, more and more parents are depending on these apps to ensure that the lives of their kids is more organized and systematic.

How Fatherhood Contributes To Health and fitness And Healthy Living

When speaking about health and fitness and wholesome living, most males commonly assume with the stereotyped picture of a man consuming a well balanced diet, likely towards the health club frequently, and participating into sports activities actions. All appropriate, if you want to be distinct, youll almost certainly pick yoga, ballroom dancing, carpentry, or even pottery as your means to exercise, ease stress, and fight boredom. But youll almost certainly do a whole lot of sneaking whenever you desire to do some exceptional things. Yet the truth is the fact that male health isnt only restricted to eating plan or doing workouts or sports. For, there are actually other elements of the mans daily life that directly or indirectly influence his well being. No wonder, health and fitness and wholesome living can be a should for every single guy.

If youre a father, you might be asking yourself how that function impacts your more than all health and fitness and wholesome residing. Certainly, anticipating and having your first-born child is often a combination of enjoyment, contentment, and worry. Yet because the quantity of the youngsters enhance and also you begin to face the difficult challenges of parenting, youll almost certainly give a far more significant believed in your role like a dad. You will need to speedily master multitasking while you adjust diapers, feed your youngsters, view them because they operate around the house, or reprimand them once they get excessively naughty. Is fatherhood undertaking great or negative things to mens wellness

Usually, fatherhood produces positive adjustments for the whole male health. This can be true when compared with men who arent married or who dont have kids but. Not surprisingly, this does not mean that single guys are not as equally healthy as married guys. Having said that, being a father provides you a certain edge with regards to health and wholesome residing. In actual fact, fathers who invest good quality time with their youngsters are more most likely to encounter better enjoyment and fulfillment. The obligation of getting a father always adjustments the way of life of men. They no lengthier perform nor live for his or her spouse, but for his or her entire household. Within this situation, they may possibly start to drop unhealthy methods such as cigarette smoking and drinking so that you can set a fantastic example for his or her youngsters. Furthermore, their desire to watch and be with their kids as they grow will inspire them to keep their well being and reside lengthier. Therefore, theyll locate far more reasons to consume healthy meals, exercise frequently, generate very carefully, and check out their physician regularly. Of course, the joy of men is even doubled or tripled once they start out to get grandchildren. Items preserve on finding better as their family grows. It goes without expressing that physical fitness and healthy residing is still maintained when a man turns into a father.